Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Plain Salty CHIPS

Last year, I began writing articles for the opinion section of the news, but of course nothing was published because I don’t have any qualifications to be writing for them. I don’t have a doctorate, I’m not a specialist in any given field, I’m not a journalist and I’m only sixteen. But I still wanted to share my ideas with other people, so I eventually decided that a blog would be the best format.
Like everyone, I’m imperfect and learning many lessons, but I want to share with you the little observations I’ve made and the things I’ve discovered along the way because I’ve found these learning opportunities exciting.
We all like chips, and this blog is food for thought; refreshments for the brain. I hope that someone will enjoy the little snacks I post.
These chips aren’t fancy. There’s no crinkle-cut or barbecue chicken, just plain salt.
Salt is in almost everything we eat. It adds flavour, preserves the meal and spreads. I want my posts to flavour people’s worldviews, to help preserve souls and Christian values, and to spread.

My plan for this blog is to present a “salty” perspective on:
  • Christ. He is the more important than any other thing or person in my life, so every post will be related to Him or because of Him.
  • Humankind. We talk of different races, but despite variations in colour and culture, we are all part of the human race. Christ loved humans so much that he died for us and He continues to love us by giving the gift of a relationship with Him. I want to care for people the way he does. 
  • Information. If we don’t know something, we don’t care about it. I want everyone to know so they can care.
  • Politics. I know this might sound irrelevant, complicated and perhaps boring, but politics don’t have to be that way. I hope to give some simple insights into the way our country is run because that affects every aspect of life. 
  •  Shared resources. Whether it be a book, website, petition or just an observation of my own, I want to share the opportunities waiting out there for us to take action or be encouraged.

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