Friday, 19 June 2015

The Definition of Marriage

At the beginning of June, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten introduced a new bill (law) to parliament. All he wants to do is change a few words in the definition of marriage, but these little words will completely redefine marriage and ultimately family. He proposes to change the words ‘man and woman’ and ‘husband and wife’ and replace them with simply ‘two people’. This legalizes the marriage of two men or two women. Parliament will debate these changes in the coming weeks and months, then vote on it.

In Genesis 19, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with burning sulphur. Do you know what one of their primary faults was? Homosexuality. In Romans 1:18-32, Paul writes of God’s wrath against the “unnatural relations” of those who reject God.

It is obvious that God hates it, but few people in our society care what God thinks, so we have to use different arguments to convince them.

Most significantly, we have to consider the innocent children who will be caught up in this. It is a proven fact that children flourish best when living with a married mum and dad. John Howard called traditional families (one man and one woman married to each other) “the greatest social welfare system the world has ever devised.” In fact, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child declares that every child deserves to "as far as possible... know and be cared for by his or her parents." God didn’t design two men or two women to create children, so they have to use other options like surrogacy if they want children. Inevitably, these children will be separated from either biological mother or father.

If you need proof that missing a mum or a dad is harmful and hurtful, it’s not hard to find children raised by same-gender parents who are now telling the world that the child filled the need for their “parents” to have children, rather than their two mums or two dads filling the child's needs for one mum and one dad. (See here and here for just a few examples.)

Further, other countries where same-gender marriage is legal clearly show that it limits freedom of speech and religion for those who oppose it. A florist, bakers, and a couple providing wedding facilities are just a few of those who have been severely penalized for their convictions. The same things will happen in Australia unless we take action.

Advocates are calling for this new bill to bring in marriage equality, but two men or two women will only ever make a marriage in name alone, since marriage in its essence is, and always will be, the union of one man and one woman.

Here’s where we can help: The Australian Christian Lobby is asking anyone who cares to send a brief email to their MP reminding them why we oppose changing the definition of marriage. The process is very simple and easy, so please, please take a moment to preserve this fundamental part of society.

This article is another very clear and succinct resource!


  1. nowadays christian women look for men
    who are good cooks
    good at homemaking

    instead of looking for a Godly provider, protector and leader
    if Christian women get to pretend Titus 2 and Genesis 1-3 does not apply to them

    then Christian gays get to pretend Romans 1 does not apply...

  2. Hi Akash,

    Firstly I just have to say that I'm very grateful for a civil comment on this article. When I posted this, I wasn't sure what sorts of comments I would get, but I was prepared for some nasty ones because I know this issue is very controversial.

    I personally haven't experienced Christian women looking for husbands based on their cooking or housekeeping skills, but I know that all Christians struggle to obey God's commands. Some who call themselves Christians might pretend that certain passages they don't like do not apply to them, but no earnest Christian will purposefully ignore scripture. I seek to obey all of God's commands through Jesus' strength, but I fail every day. That said, as Christians we are called to repent of our sins and strive for perfection.


  3. well
    rebelution has an article where it says a good man
    cooks and cleans

    all I ask is how is this biblical?

    of course a loving man helps his wife when she is sick, tired etc

    but where in the bible does it say homemaking is the mans responsibility?

  4. I feel that this topic is a bit unrelated now. Regardless of gender roles in Christian marriages, my article states the reasons why homosexuality is wrong.

  5. but your argument falls flat

    if you think someone can be a genuine christian and rebel against the word of God and be a feminist
    you need to extend that courtesy to gay individuals as well...

  6. and gay marriage is built on the idea that roles do not exist
    and Gender is irrelevant...

  7. I do not believe someone can be a genuine Christian and rebel against the Bible. I am not a feminist and I do acknowledge that men and women have different roles in marriage.

    1. well most Christians are feminist
      but against gay marriage
      I guess you are one of the few on this earth that cares about submission to the word of God

      it is really hard
      one expects christians to be on your side
      but instead most of them are just as anti bible as the gay christian groups

      how do you deal with that?
      do you not feel sad
      I get depressed to often
      How do I not care about what other Christians believe?
      and not be scared that very few are truly committed to the bible?

  8. Sometimes it seems that so many Christians are "lukewarm" (Revelation 3:16) and don't really care about what the Bible says. Yes, it does make me feel sad, but all we can do is gently rebuke them out of love (1 Timothy 5:1) and pray for them. I've learned that the only person in this world who I can change is myself, and I can only change myself with Jesus' strength.
    I have found that the Rebelution community is made up of people who sincerely want to know and understand what the Bible says. The discussion questions are submitted by those who aren't sure what is right, but they want to know, so they seek help from other Christians. We all make mistakes sometimes, but if we seek the truth, God will help us find it (Matthew 7:7).