Monday, 27 July 2015

Take Action!

On our travels, my family has seen various Haulocost and World War II memorials, but by far the biggest was the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial and museum in Jerusalem. Here's what I wrote when we visited:

                ...At the end we went through the children's memorial. Mirrors reflected a single candle into the darkness and names and ages of the kids were read incessantly. I thought of the postcard I'd read less than an hour ago. A mother had written it, consumed by love and anxiety for her toddler son. He was murdered at Auschwitz. It's essential for us to remember the holocaust and recoil in horror, but this is a useless exercise if we forget to use our horror. What happened was deplorable, but there is nothing we can do to change the past. Nothing! What we can change, however, is the future. I felt angry as I walked through, reading the signs and watching the videos of suffering. I saw children starving in the ghettos, and I thought of the families in Eastern Ukraine with no bread to feed their children. The racial genocide was shocking, but the Jews weren't the first or the last to be targeted in this way. [ISIS] is exterminating Christians, Hazaras, Yadizis and Shiite Muslims in Iraq and Syria. When [my mum] told me how [the Nazis] killed the young babies, though, I was appalled. They held the infant's ankles and swung them against a wall, bashing their heads. I was upset and mad. What about the babies whose brains are sucked out before they see the light of day [abortion]? What about them? What will we do to stop modern starvation, genocide and murder? We have more holocausts on our hands, and we have the power to halt them this time! What will we do?

The question is "What will we do?" When I wrote this, I had some ideas, but I wasn't one hundred percent sure, so I've done a little brainstorm of three ways for anyone to take action.
  1. Pray! We can all pray for those suffering in these situations and others, for the victims and the perpetrators. If you want to pray for persecuted Christians, keep up with neglected headlines on Open Doors. If you want to pray for anyone suffering, just read or watch the news.
  2.  Spread the word! Talk to people about these things, share it on social media or post it on your blog.
  3. Donate time or money! To give food, clothing, housing, medical care and food to Ukrainians living on the front lines, donate here. If you're in Australia, you can sign this petition asking for the refugee intake to be raised. If you're elsewhere, you could search on for a petition in your country. With regards to abortion, try searching for relevant petitions in your state or country, and look up a local organization that needs donations of time, resources or money.

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